There are many chiropractic techniques.


East Earl Chiropractic Associates has specific techniques utilized for shoulder treatment, wound treatment, hip treatment, ankle and knees. Treatment of the extremities is a specific education all in of its own. Treatment of those joints and extremities is not like treating the spine and does require specific attention, education and training which is present with Dr. Myers at East Earl Chiropractic Associates.

Pettibon: Pettibon is the specific board-certified technique for advanced practitioners only that allow for the doctor to make specific biomechanical correction of the spine that are measurable down to degrees of improvement. This specific technique is comfortable to the patient and is the treatment of choice if the patient needs spinal correction, whether x-rays have spinal deviations or loss of cervical or lumbar curves. This technique allows the patient to see before and after x-rays of themselves with measurable progress. This is a highly successful technique for only the most advanced practitioners that provide the patients with superior results.

Logan Basic: Logan Basic technique is a gentle soft tissue technique that is quite often comfortable and the patient often falls asleep. It is a technique that uses low pressure on the sacral tuberus ligaments as well as other spinal areas reducing nerve pressure, spasm and pain in a comfortable setting. This technique has been proven extremely successful in patients that are in so much pain that they can not tolerate an office based manipulative adjustment or instrumentation adjustment.

Thompson Drop Technique: This is a specific technique only the most advanced practitioners at East Earl Chiropractic Associates use in which specific instrumentation and tables are used to create an acceleration of the area being treated that allows the vertebral segments to be corrected and adjusted with little force to the patient and very comfortable in correcting dysfunction of the spine that are often too painful for other techniques.

Instrumentation: This instrumentation adjustment, specific to the Pettibon technique, utilized to create a shearing corrective force into the spine with instrumentation that are comfortable to the patient allowing for cervical spine restoration and specific nerve root irritation to be reduced almost instantly. This is a very popular and requested technique for patients with headaches, neck pain and radicular pain down the arms.

Decompressive therapy: This is a therapy performed on a specifically designed table and usually in the face-down position. You will be comfortably positioned on the table and fitted with a harness about the lower portion of your body. This restraint allows the body to be stabilized and undergo a loading and unloading of the lumbar spine. This creates a negative pressure within the disc allowing bulged and herniated discs to reduce their pain on the irritated nerve roots. It also stretches the posterior joint capsule which also is a secondary pain generator. This is a comfortable technique that reduces spasm, facet syndrome, herniated disc and provides great relief. This technique is also so comfortable that patients will fall asleep while undergoing this modality.

IMPULSE Instrument Adjusting: The IMPULSE is the only clinically proven device to actually make a spinal change to the spine.It is the only to publish the effects and use of optimized wave form technology. Also it utilizes reproducible defined force settings. Impulse has over 50 peer reviewed publications.ISO 13485 Certified l US FDA Registered l Health Canada Listed l CE Certified l UL Listed “When it comes to ensuring the efficacy of the Impulse Family of Adjusting Instruments, to say that we’€™ve ‘gone the extra mile’ is an accurate statement,” The fact is…… NO OTHER ADJUSTING INSTRUMENT HAS FDA CLEARANCE!!!!!!, a CE mark, and Health Canada Class 2 medical device licensure backed by an ISO 13485 Medical Device Certification and UL listing (Underwriters Laboratories®, Inc.).Why would you let a doctor use and instrument on your spine that is NOT FDA cleared to do so?


Ultrasound: Ultrasound is a therapy that is utilized to increase blood flow, increase tissue permeability, reduce spasm, increase healing and reduce pain. It is comfortable to the patient with low pressure, often using conductive gel that is comfortable to the patient and a slight warming technique may be felt. It is often combined with hydroculator therapy.

Interferential Current: Interferential current is a type of electric stimulation that is specific to computerized evaluation of the tissues allowing the electrical current to create appropriate frequency changes to increased tissue permeability, decrease spasm and promote healing of areas of injury.

Premodulated Current: Premodulated current is a specific electrical modality used to decrease and reduce spasm in an area as well as swelling in an area. It often will provide instantaneous relief of pain and spasm of damaged and injured tissues.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy: This uses the most recent technology to stimulate the brain and central nervous system to become active in your healing. It is remarkable on how it speeds disc injuries, dizziness, vertigo, headaches, and other central nervous system ailments.

Massage therapy: Our therapists are licensed in Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point, Myoskeletal techniques, Myofascial Release, and Pre-natal. You name it, they can do it!

Traction: East Earl Chiropractic uses several forms of traction some cervical (neck) some lumbar(low back) some static (non-moving) some no static or (moving) do aid in the disc bulging correction. So depending on your problem we have the proper form of traction for you.